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Intro To Yoga

Have you always wanted to try Yoga, but are not sure where to start? In this class you will learn the fundamentals poses of Hatha Yoga, while being guided into and out of each pose by Moksha teacher, Darryl Brown. After this course, you will feel comfortable taking any of our Yoga drop-in classes.
So how can we teach you all about Yoga in four hours.
Well we can’t teach you everything. However, we can give
you a great starting point. After that, you choose your
path.  Everyday there will be lots of time for your questions and comments.
History of Yoga. What is Yoga, why do we practice.  How do we practice.  Introduction to Standing Poses.  We start from the most simple pose and work from there.
Standing Poses (part 2).  We build on our foundation.
Day 3
We transfer onto our backs for the floor series.
Day 4
Putting it all together. A full class showing all that you learned.


Sunday, October 14 to Sunday, November 04
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Moksha Yoga Calgary North
Organizer: Darryl Brown