Sarah Senopati

Moksha Yoga teacher.

My yoga journey has only just started and I’m loving every second of it. My love for yoga was officially sparked during my first moksha class at this studio. It was like love at first sweat (haha)!

At first I was drawn to the practice for all of it’s physical benefits, but then something strange, something that I don’t ever remember feeling, started to happen within me. I began to feel my stress lowering and like the weight on my shoulders was slowly being lifted. My mat, and this moksha studio became my second home.

Moksha has brought peace, love, stillness and breath into my life. It has helped me learn what compassion, self acceptance and community really mean. So, I decided to take the leap and take my yoga journey to the next level!I took my moksha level 1 training in the September of 2014, in the beautiful city of Montreal. I can definitely say it was one of the most amazing, and challenging experiences that I’ve had in my life so far. I chose this path so that I can share what moksha has done for me with the world, and hope that it does the same for you. I look forward to meeting all of you for some sweaty fun!