Robert Buckland

Moksha Yoga and Yin Yoga teacher.

Let’s see where do I begin. I guess I’d have to say that my Moksha experience began in Moksha Yoga Edmonton’s opening month (November 2007 I think). I had tried a few styles of yoga beforehand and loved every single one for their own benefits but once taking a Moksha class I found that I was hooked.Not only had I found a sequence that was accessible to people who like myself had barely done any yoga at all but also to people who I could clearly tell have been doing yoga their whole lives’. The sense of community and feeling of being able to be yourself without fear of judgment from others and from yourself, kept me coming back.

Being a RMT since 2007 I enjoy the way that Moksha is easy on the joints. A lot of care is taken to ensure that students are using proper alignment and beginning to learn body awareness to enhance their practice and everyday lives. I think the two best things about Moksha and Yoga are that they help strengthen the small intrinsic muscles that surround our joints. Keeping them strong and helping to avoid injury because if the joints are stable then our larger surface muscles can work more effectively. I also love how Moksha teaches us to breathe! And how important proper breathing is in every aspect of our lives.

In June 2011 I took my Moksha Yoga Level 1 Training and had the most amazing experience of my life. I learnt so much more about the background of Moksha and the yoga postures themselves. Having done so I now have a deeper understanding of the connections between massage therapy and yoga. I know for myself and clients of mine there are times that we have difficulties with postures because “I just feel tight.” Knowing that muscular and myofascial systems have become restricted I know that going for a massage helps enhance a yoga practice by taking away those sensations of “tightness”. In 2012 I also took a yin teacher training because I began to see the benefits of long-held stretching to continue to open the body and relieve tension. There are so many benefits of yoga, breath awareness, and massage therapy and I cannot wait to share more with each and every one of you out there. See you both in and
out of the hot room!