Pam Ruhland

I came to yoga as an add on to my schedule of teaching fitness classes and running long distances. It was, for a few years, a nice way to round out a busy workout regime.

Then I did my first 30 day yoga challenge at Moksha Yoga Calgary North and all changed. My love for yoga became more connected to my life as a whole, and not just as an exercise option. My time on the mat was instrumental in helping with all that was happening in my life.

After years of teaching bootcamps, cycle, step (back in the day!), running marathons, getting my personal training designation through Mount Royal, and even doing a Tough Mudder, I found myself in a 200 hour yoga teacher training. After completing that, I took yin training to round out the awesome things I’d learned throughout my time devoted to this practice.

I look forward to helping you slow down and find some calm the next time we meet in Yin Yoga!