Jenna Klein-Waller

Moksha Yoga, Moksha Flow, Yin Yoga teacher.

Searching for a place of grounding amidst a hectic life, Jenna first found Moksha Yoga while studying Art at University, using it as an escape for the long hours spent in the darkroom. Here, she not only found relaxation, but the beginnings of a supportive and welcoming community which is what drew her in.  After a move across the country Moksha became a second home and Jenna quickly became part of the Energy Exchange program and discovered the practice made her feel balanced, strong, and calm.

In 2010 with the help of 60 amazing friends and teachers Jenna completed her Moksha level 1 training and the rest is history! Jenna  approaches yoga with a sense of peace and acceptance and hopes to bring this into her teaching.  For her, community is essential and she looks forward to growing and connecting with new people inside and outside of the practice space.