Ashley Chudyk

In 2008, amidst starting University, Ashley was pointed in the direction of yoga by a close family friend. As school got busier, Ashley stopped playing competitive sports. She knew sports were her physical outlet for stress and anxiety, but wanted something less competitive and more accessible for a busy lifestyle. Life quickly began to get off balance, and she knew she was missing something. Taking her friends advice, she dove into yoga, and soon realized that the mat was her solace. It was always there, no matter what the day brought. Yoga could work around even the craziest of schedules, and no matter what was going on personally at the time. Soon, the mat became her time to let the outside world go, and provided her with the ability to re-connect and re-ground. The benefits of her practice branched out into her own life in so many ways. She firmly believes that the lessons we learn on our mats are transferred off of our mats.

When Moksha Yoga Calgary North opened up their doors, Ashley fell in love instantly. The heat added a perfect element of intensity and opening to her practice that she couldn’t get enough of. The studio was extremely accessible to all students of various yoga backgrounds, and the positive teachers encouragement helped take her practice even further. In 2016, a very special teacher named Brandi further encouraged Ashley to take her Moksha Level 1 in Kelowna. With some amazing friends by her side, she completed the training and now gets to share her love of yoga in this great yoga community.

Off the mat, Ashley has always been drawn to the helping professions. With both her degrees in Psychology and Education, Ashley is drawn to help and to teach. When Ashley is not in the studio practicing or teaching yoga, she is teaching grade one in the classroom. Yoga for her is medicine for the body and mind, and wants to make it accessible to children and adults alike.