Ashleigh Fried

I started yoga over 10 years ago as a way to move, de-stress and find a place of peace. I fell in love with yoga and as my practice grew over the years I knew I had to learn more, so in 2012 I embarked on my yoga teacher training journey. Training started as a way to deepen my practice but evolved into a way to share the beauty of yoga and all it has to offer. Yoga has given me a place for grounding, self discovery, release, joy and connection, something that I only hope I can help facilitate for others. While we teach and practice the physical asana in the studios, there is so much more to yoga and I strive to integrate the yogic principles into my life, on and off of my mat. I strive to teach a challenging yet accessible class for everyone so we can all learn to take the challenge and dive into the practice. I feel so honored to be able to teach classes for all the yogis who make it to their mats each day.