Alana Pierce

Moksha Yoga & Vinyasa Yoga teacher.

My love for yoga began 5 years ago at Moksha Yoga Edmonton when I took my first class with one of my incredible teachers and mentors Angela Zawada. I didn’t know anything was missing in my life but I had never felt so complete. Instantly I wanted more! At the time I was running daily, playing soccer, and training with a personal trainer so to me the yoga was just a physical ¬†supplement or added benefit to my already existing workout regime. Until my life hit a rough turning point. January 2009 my partner passed away suddenly, leaving me pretty messed up to say the least. I tried to fill the void with a variety of things, good and bad, nothing worked except my Moksha practice. I began to practice almost daily, and something magical happened, I learned to breathe. For the first time in 28 years I knew what it was like to actually breathe, and for one hour of my day there was nothing for me to do except that, just breathe. I started to open up in ways I didn’t know possible, I cried every time I practiced for a year; after not being able to cry for years, the release was amazing. A life time of anxiety, perfection and A-type busyness began to flood from me, creating opportunity for me to learn and live in ways that were not previously possible. Every time I came to my mat, every time I sweat and every breath I took, a small rebirth occurred. Over the next few years the changes I saw in myself were incredible. My connection to myself and other people grew in epic proportions and the physical benefits were undeniable. Injuries I had been nursing from years of dance and competitive sports had started to subside, my anxiety and stress were diminishing and I just had an overall better state of wellbeing. After a few years of practice I decided I wanted leave my career so I could share this awesomeness with other people, I ventured to beautiful Victoria in 2013 for my 200 Moksha teacher training. Since then I have completed my prenatal training and my Baron Baptiste level 1. My love for this practice grows daily, I am constantly humbled and inspired by my students, I am so blessed to be a student and teacher of such a wonderful practice. Moksha is full of love, support and a wonderful community, please come be a part of it!