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Perry: A modern day romance

Published on: January 20, 2016    Author: Moksha Yoga Calgary North

It all started a couple months ago, the initial excitement, and then came the late nights and early mornings spent together, the commitment, the joy – the things all good relationships are made of. Yup, a couple months ago I made it official that I was going to commit myself to a lifetime of bliss with, Perry.

Perry has become my councilor, a terrific listener, a bringer of calm and happiness, and a very patient friend. I guess you could say that there’s no one else I would rather spend time with. Sometimes I ask myself how I got so lucky because it really is almost too good to be true.

So who is this elusive ‘Perry’ you’re probably asking yourself, and more importantly, why should I care? Well wonder no more because Perry is my yoga mat and I named him for his very charming Periwinkle Blue colour. I bought him in October of last year when I was gearing up to do the 30-day challenge. He cost me a pretty penny, but I justified it by promising myself that I was going to use him as much as possible. Many of you know the feeling, but the more I saw Perry, the more my life began to change. I’m not saying that I think the sky is bluer or the birds sing more sweetly now, but I feel like I’m becoming a less anxious, more grounded, and a genuinely happier Chelsea than ever before.

I’m no stranger to a busy lifestyle, sometimes I get to Friday and ask myself where the week went – like I’m sure many of you reading this can relate to. But let me break it down for you: most of us commit 8 hours of our day to work, an hour to getting ready in the mornings, another hour to making dinner, maybe if you have kids you have a couple of hours dedicated to chauffeuring them to their various activities. By the time it’s all said and done where is an hour that you have for yourself? I sure as hell didn’t know when I started looking at it.

I had become so effective at shutting out my feelings, what my body was telling me, what my heart was telling me that I was disconnected from myself. When I would finally lay down in bed at the end of the day my mind would start running, all the things I pushed out all day were fighting their way to the surface and demanding to be heard. That’s about the time I started seeing Perry more and HOLLLYYYY CRAP did he have the right kind of solutions to my problems. I’m not denying that being in the Hot Room is physical workout – the proof is in my tomato red face and pool of sweat. But the bigger workout that’s going on in the studio is the mental one. Being alone with yourself and your breath for 60 minutes and it’s some powerful stuff.

So I guess what I’m telling you all to do is, go out and find a Perry. Name him or her whatever you like – I know someone who named their mat, Black Hawk. I think after you commit yourself to them you’re going to find that it’s the best relationship you’ve been in.

As a yoga student and energy exchanger at MYCN, Chelsea Madryga plays a big part in our community.  Her quick whit, humorous sayings and contagious smile can brighten anyone’s day. We think Perry is very lucky to have her.


2 Responses to “Perry: A modern day romance”

January 20, 2016 at 1:32 pm, Pearl said:

awesome story…I think Perry is one lucky mat! Hope your story inspires others to join the yoga fun and have a great experience.


January 20, 2016 at 2:35 pm, Laurie Martinez said:

Chelsea, I’m excited you found a constant companion in Perry, he sounds like quite the change agent. I look forward to hearing more about your relationship and the ex it ing changes you make together sending love and good energy


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